Divorced Donald Trump Would Deport Melania If She Divorced Him, Claims Omarosa

White House’s former colleague Ommarosa Manigott Newman has claimed that Donald Trump will find a way to leave his
wife if she leaves him.

In all the new memoirs of his time in the White House, MS Manigault Newman claimed that Mr Trump would find a way
to invalidate Melania Trump’s citizenship, if he causes them to be “last insult”.

According to Mercury News, he argued that the US president would find a way to exile MS Trump in his native country of
Slovenia, if he chose to leave him during the presidency.
“Because Donald is fully aware, although he has achieved his permanent citizenship, so if he can mess anything around it,
then he can expose the methods and invalidate it anyhow,” MS Maniglott Newman wrote.

“He is a rebellious man, and I will not put anything behind him.”

The first lady got a green card specifically for people with “extraordinary ability” through a program known as the elite EB-
1 program or “Einstein Visa”. In 2006, former fashion model became American citizen.

The program is targeted for academic researchers, multinational business executives, and people with ongoing national and
international appreciation.

“If Melania had to try to pull the ultimate insult and she was left while leaving the office, then she would find a way to
punish her,” Ms Manigault Newman wrote.

“This is a person who has said that he can forgive himself from the Mueller investigation. Why not forgive yourself for a
perceived visa payment?”

Citizens can be “de-natural” and exiled if the citizen incorrectly proves important information or does not hide or confess
before the Congress.

In the past two months, the Trump administration started to take away citizenship from natural citizens who could get it by
fraud or lying.

MS Trump spokesman Stephanie Grisham earlier this week responded in a book titled MS Manigault Newman, claiming
that MS Trump could not wait for the end of her husband’s presidency for divorce.

Ms. Grisham said that during the time of MS Manigault Newman in the White House, two women “rarely, if ever talked”

MS GriShum said, “It is disappointing that he is shocked and viciously in such a voluntary manner, especially after all the
opportunities given by the President.”

On the campaign trail, Mr Trump said that his wife legally entered the US and promised that he would organize a press
conference to resolve the allegations leveled illegally, but it had never happened. MS Trump has not solved this issue so far.